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Submitted by moiuser on 3 December 2021

NGAPALI beach, which was closed for nearly two years during the COVID-19 period, is now crowded with travellers after reopening for over one month, it is learnt.


In order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, the government authorities banned tour groups from visiting popular beaches after Myanmar reported several COVID-19 cases. Nevertheless, the Ngapali beach was reopened in the last Thingyan festival period. “We have been vending for eight years at Ngapali beach.


We are selling well before the outbreak of COVID-19. Then, our business has been stopped for over one year due to COVID-19. Now,the beach is opened again and crowded with the visitors,” said a local vendor.


Travellers can visit Ngapali beach from Yangon-Ngathainggyoung-Gwa route or from Sittway- MraukU-Minbya-An-Taungup-Thandwe route.


Now, thehotels, which were occupied only by foreign travellers, are offering a discount price for domestic travellers. There are also some hostels in Ngapali beach for the family to stay conveniences.


Ngapali beach is a popular tourist destination and it is over 4 miles away from Thandwe town. The beach is one of the most attractive places for local people and foreign travellers.


The name “Ngapali” was given to a little village in Thandwe District in 1826, after the First Anglo-Myanmar War, by Italians who reached there. According to them, the beach is so similar to a beach in Napoli, a city in Italy and the name be-came “Ngapali” on the Rakhine people’s tongue.


Aye Maung/GNLM