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Submitted by moiuser on 3 December 2021

A group of about 20 armed PDF terrorists riding motorcycles came into the courtyard of U Tike Ngwe, the village administrator of Kyuntawkon village, to search and kill him on the afternoon of 30 November. As they didn’t find him, they came into the house of Daw Tin Htwe, a cousin of U Tike Ngwe, who lived in the courtyard, and killed her and her two nieces and one granddaughter.

Afterwards, they came into the house of Daw Khin Hnin, a cousin of U Tike Ngwe, who lived in the same courtyard, and locked her two sisters inside and set fire to the houses and left. Due to the brutal killings and arson by the terrorists, two sisters were burnt to death, and the houses were destroyed by the fire.

Terrorists have been attacking administrators and security forces who are working to ensure the rule of law and security for the people. They have also been carrying out brutal killings of innocent civilians under the name of traitors, arson attacks and bombings. It is reported that security forces and local Tatmadaw forces are working together to take action against them under the law.