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Submitted by moiuser on 2 December 2021

DEPUTY minister for Agriculture,  Livestock  and  Irrigation  Dr  Aung  Gyi  and  officials  visited  orange  farms  in  Inn  Nge  Village, P indaya Township and  Kaung  Boh  village-tract,  Yaksawk  Township,  southern  Shan  State  respectively  on  28  November.

During  his  visit,  the  deputy minister discusses current orange  cultivation  and  crop  disease  prevention  activities,  issues related to departmental and farmer cooperation on the use  of  high-quality  seeds  and  necessary research activities, soil  conservation,  and  issues  related  to  the  use  of  modern  irrigation systems for efficient use of irrigation water.

The  deputy  minister  also stressed coordination with relevant departments is essential for the establishment of orange farmers' cooperatives.

After wards,  the  deputy minister  and  party  inspected  the  production  and  sale  of  budding orange seedlings and the  propagation  of  budding  in  orange farms.

It  is  reported  that  500,000  to  1,000,000  orange  saplings  are  produced  and  distributed  annually in Kaung Boh Village.

After wards, the deputy minister and party visited Zawgyi Reservoir, 28 miles north of Yaksawk  Township,  Taunggyi  District, Shan State (South).

On the reports  of  the  officials, the deputy minister called for  the  efficient  and  effective  use  of  water  resources  which  is  important  for  the  development of agriculture. The need to focus on the sustainable use of  main  dams  and  irrigation  canals was also discussed.

The Zawgyi Reservoir has a catchment capacity of 517,863 acres and generates 30 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually  with  12  megawatts  (6  megawatts x 2 units) of hydropower.

Through  Myogyi  Dam  in  Kyaukse District, Mandalay Region, the Zawgyi Dam is helping  to  rejuvenate  the  Meiktila  Plain.