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Submitted by moiuser on 2 December 2021

THE ASEAN- Japan Centre (AJC) conducted a “Training Programme on Interpretation 2021” under the topic of “Possibilities of Non-Personal Interpretation Services at Tourist Sites – Storytelling in the digital age” yesterday.

Union  minister  for  Hotels  and  Tourism  Dr  Htay  Aung,  including  the  Director-General  and heads of respective subjects joined the event via videoconferencing.

First, Secretary-General of  AJC  Mr  Kunihiko  Hirabayashi  made  an  opening  speech  and  the Founder and CEO Mr Keisuke  Murayama  of  Yamatogokoro  Inc  discussed  the  condition  of  the  tourism  industry  in  the post-COVID-19 era. Then, the officials reported on Non-Personal Interpretation Services, the latest technologies and boosting the use of Audio Guide.

The  event  was  organized  for  a  review  of  the  changes  in  tourism  caused  by  COVID-19,  the  adoption  of  proper  services  for  these  changes,  reduction  of  interactive  services,  providing  digital services and resumption of tourism in the future.

 A total of 82 representatives of  the  government  and  private  sector hoteliers and travel agencies of ASEAN member countries that involved in tourism management and tourism promotion.