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Submitted by moiuser on 2 December 2021

THE  inspection  team  of  the  Anti-Corruption  Commission  inspected  the  complaint  against  the  former  deputy  minister for Construction U Kyaw Lin.

According  to  the  inspections,  former deputy minister for Construction U Kyaw Lin used K368 million fund of the Highways Department without any estimated Capital Fund in the 2019-2020FY to  conserve  the  Monywa-Yagyi-Kalaywa road section from (85/0) milepost to Kyapin Village, which must be carried out by the maintenance fund of the Department of Rural Road Development, to grab the supports of the public while he was making efforts to compete in 2020 General Election as Pyithu Hluttaw MP of  Mingin  Township  NLD  of  Sagaing  Region.

In 2020-2021FY, K194.43million fund of  Highways  Department  without  any  estimated Capital Fund in carrying out the operation of the Monywa-Yagyi-Kalaywa  road  section  was  used  and  Director-General U Aung Myint Oo (now Permanent  Secretary)  permitted  the Union special maintenance fund.

In the 2019-2020FY, the new Kyauk Oh  Bridge  was  constructed  in  Mingin  Township in July 2020 without any permission of Capital  Fund  according  to  his directives. Director-General of the Bridge Department U Nay Aung Ye Myint  used  the  K120  million  fund  of  the  department.   Such doings were not in conformity with the Myanmar Financial Management Regulation paragraph 46 and 123 issued in Order No 35/2017 of the Ministry of Planning and Finance and it caused a loss to the State fund.

When  former  deputy  minister U Kyaw Lin served his duties, he asked U Ye Min Zaw of the Building Department for K3  million  with  the  reason  for  the  construction of the NLD District Office in July 2020.

U Ye Min Zaw collected cash contributions from the staff of 16 task forces and gave the received K3 million to U Kyaw Lin. Such activities meant that U Kyaw  Lin  misused  his  rank  and  power  and  accepted  the  bribes  and  director-general U Ye Min Zaw supported U Kyaw Lin regarding the bribes.

When U Kyaw Lin arranged to compete as  Pyithu  Hluttaw  MP  of  Mingin  Township  NLD  of  Sagaing  Region  in  July 2020, he donated cash and rice bags to  the  monasteries  during  his  tour  to  Mingin Township. The donated 68 rice bags  were  arranged  by  the  ministry's  staff according to his instructions and he did not pay the costs. Therefore, he misused his rank and power and committed bribery.

U Kyaw Lin received more  than  K36.3 million of cash contributions from the ministry's staff and constriction companies  via  his  personal  assistant  with  the reason of expenses for the election campaign of NLD in 2020 and he sued it in buying party flag, shirts, hats and pamphlets.  He  also  took  K60  million  from two construction companies in July and  September  2020  via  his  personal  assistant.  Such  doings  meant  that  he  misused his rank and power and committed bribery.

Former minister for Industry, Electricity  and  Transport  U  Than  Win  of  Bago Region selected a company which has  a  connection  with  former  deputy  minister U Kyaw Lin in inviting tender Lot. 3 to maintain Bago bypass road in 2020-2021  at  more  than  K1,513  million  without electing the one selected by the tender review committee at more than K1,481 million. The regional government cost  about  K32  million  of  government  funds and it caused a loss to the State fund as he did not follow the directive of the President’s Office 1/2017.

 According to the inspections, former  deputy  minister  for  Construction  U  Kyaw  Lin  and  former  minister  for  Industry,  Electricity  and  Transport  U  Than Win of Bago Region were charged under the Anti-Corruption Law Section 55, while U Aung Myint Oo who served as director-general, directors-general U Ye Min Zaw and U Nay Aung Ye Myint under the Anti-Corruption Law Section 55/63  at  the  respective  police  stations  yesterday.