Myanmar Press Council announces websites, social media pages carrying false, fake, plagiarized news

MYANMAR PRESS COUNCIL issued press release No. 10/2019 yesterday disclosing the social media pages which have posted fake and fabricated news.

In the statement titled ‘Announcing online websites and social media pages which have posted fakes news, false news and plagiarized news’, the MPC said it mentioned about the issue related with false news and plagiarized news in its press release No.7/2019.

MPC added that thirteen agreements were reached at the meeting of Four Pillars of Democracy. Of them, the point-10 is for the media and related organizations to expose the false and fake news and to make them public.

MPC scrutinized the suspected web-sites and social media pages sent by the “monitoring team” with the Copy Rights and Registration Unit. Following are the websites and social media pages which are posting false/fake news and plagiarized news.

1.Pho Thu Taw, 2.Dagaung, 3. Myanmar Daily Feed, 4.ျမန္မာ့သတင္းဦး သတင္းထူးမ်ား @ ThaDinSar-1, 5.Myanma Thadinsone, 6.Zeekwat, 7.Shwe Wiki, 8.Shwe Mon, 9.Yuyalay, 10.ApannPyay, 11.ACHITLWINPYIN, 12.Lwin Pyin,, 14.တိုလီမိုလီကုမၸဏီ Company, 15.Thadinhtoo, 16.သမီးေလးဖတ္ဖို႔ Knowledge, 17.Myanmar Breaking News, 18.MyanmarLive လတ္တေလာျမန္မာသတင္းမ်ား, 19.TawThu, 20.Apyo Lay (ျဖစ္ရ ပ္မွန္ သတင္းထူးမ်ားဟု အမည္ေျပာင္းထားသည္), 21.Nanmalgyi, 22.Focus Myanmar-Latest Updates in Myanmar, 23.Lat Khat Than, 24.Burmese-asia-Media News & Entertainment, 25.သုတၾကယ္ Thutastar, 26.Daily Feed, 27.Myanmar News Plus, 28.Achitlwinpyin-news Daily Time, 29.The Lifestyle Myanmar, 30.Beautiful Myanmar and 31.OK news.


(Translated by KZH )

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar