Overcoming as One: COVID-19 Economic Relief Plan-CERP

In order to overcome the immediate negative impact of COVID-19, the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry has issued a comprehensive economic stimulus plan namely “Overcoming as One: COVID-19 Economic Relief Plan-CERP” having 7 Goals, 10 Strategies, 36 Action Plans and 76 Actions, covering a broad range of extraordinary fiscal and monetary measures, combined with a set of human-focused and common-sense policy responses.
The CERP is, accordingly, designed to meet the current exigencies Myanmar faces in ways that reaffirm our long-term strategic direction. It consists of policies and proposals that are as realistic and implementable as they are bold and hopeful. The CERP is scrupulous in matching outlays with financing, whether this is via budgetary reallocation, innovative private-sector partnerships, or through arrangements with multilateral financial institutions and other development partners.