News and Periodicals Enterprise

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News and Periodicals Enterprise
Background History

The Ministry of Information reconstituted the State-owned Newspapers Supervisory Committee which was formed in 1965 into the News and Periodicals Corporation on 21 March 1972.

As of 1 April 1998, the News and Periodicals Corporation was reconstituted into the News and Periodicals Enterprise which was a State-owned business.

The objectives of NPE are as follow;
* To focus on publishing newspapers to be in line with the vision of the  Ministry of Information to inform, to educate and to entertain.
* To be as a people-centred information provider in order to impart knowledge, education and provide information to the people.

Vision and Mission
The vision and mission of the PPD is as follow;
* The Myanma Alin and Kyemon dailies to remain as the two papers which are read most and transformed them into digitalized ones.
* To implement e-government phase by phase.
* To publish color newspapers at sub-printing houses in regions and states and to publish newspapers in ethnic languages in cooperation with relevant governments.
* To distribute newspapers right down to villages for rural people to have access to information.

The policy of the NPE is as follow;
* The NPE will undergo changes phase by phase from traditional print media to new media with digital system high on the agenda.
* The NPE will modernize its editorial policy in accordance with the standard of the Public Service Media.
* The NPE will transform the Global New Light of Myanmar into a main English version daily.
* The NPE will continue to put in place the Myanma Alin and Kyemon newspapers as dailies on which the people rely most.

The tasks of the NPE are as follow;
* To strive for the emergence of a modern, developed and discipline flourishing democracy nation with media.
* To strive for a constant change in the form and essence of daily newspapers.
* To boost the income and ensure a balanced budget.
* To open more sub-printing houses and ensure every village have an access to newspapers.
* To strive for publishing color newspapers.
* To strive for the Global New Light of Myanmar to get more subscribers after entering into joint venture.
* To publish e-newspapers in an extensive manner.
* To pay attention to fitness of press printing machines.
* To generate more income through agriculture and livestock for the staff welfares.
* Focusing on media pluralism while publishing newspapers based on Public Service Media.
* To train and nurture media staff to become highly qualified media persons.
* To turn the Myanmar media into the genuine fourth estate with national interest in the fore.

The works of the NPE are as follow;
* To ensure the early arrival of newspapers to people of different regions with the appointment of local newspaper agents.
* To constantly create better form and essence of the newspapers while transforming them into color ones with attractive news presentation.

Myanma Alinn Newspaper
It was published in March 1914. Its page was changed from 20 to 24 on 24 May 2013 and from 24 to 32 on 4 January 2015. Its 16-page in color was published 18 October 2012 and 32-page in color on 4 January 2015. The 8-page Friday color supplement carrying social and sports news, the 4-page “Today Yangon” Wednesday color supplement, the 4-page “Mandalay” Wednesday  color supplement, the 4-page “Mandalay” Saturday color supplement and the 4-page “Rakhine Shwemyay” Thursday color supplement are published. The Myanma Alinn and Kyemon published in Mon State carried the supplement of Hintha Media every Thursday starting from 9-8-2018.
Kyemon Newspaper
It was published on 16 April 1957. It resumed publishing on 18 September 1992 after a temporary halt in 1988. The paper increased its page from 20 to 24 on 23 January 2013 and from 24 to 32 on 1 January 2015. Its 16-page in color was published on 5 December 2012 and 32-page in color on 1 January 2015. It also carries the 4-page “Ethnic Affairs” Saturday color supplement and the 4-page “New Generation Platform” Sunday color supplement.
The Global New Light of Myanmar
The 8-page newspaper was published on 12 January 1964 by the name of The Working People’s Daily. Its name was changed into The New Light of Myanmar on 17 April 1993. Its page has increased from 8 to 16 on 1 January 2003. The New Light of Myanmar entered joint venture on 1 October 2014 and it was changed into The Global New Light of Myanmar since then, carrying 16-color pages.
Opening of Nay Pyi Taw Press House
The Nay Pyi Taw Press House was opened on 7 February 2006. The press house published three dailies and distributed the papers to Nay Pyi Taw and its environs including government bodies and ministries.
Opening of sub-printing houses
Sub-printing houses were opened in Mandalay, Taunggyi and Magway in 2001, in Kengtung and Kalay in 2002, in Myitkyna and Sittway in 2003, in Lashio 2004, in Myeik in 2008, in Mawlamyine in 2014 and in Monywa on 4 August 2015, totaling 11.
Myanmar News Agency (Internal)
The Myanmar News Agency was established on 12 March 1962 as “The Revolutionary Council News Agency” at the MRTV Building on Pyay Road in Yangon with a combined strength of the information section of Directorate of Information and staff of Directorate of Psychological Welfares and Social Welfare Department.

On 26 July 1963, the Myanmar News Agency (Internal) and the Myanmar News Agency (External) were formed and established at Burma Era Newspaper House, No. 253, Boundary Road, Yangon. In the early 1964, the two news agencies were moved to the building of Printing and Publishing Enterprise, No. 212, Theinbyu Road, Yangon. They were moved to the current building on 1 January 1972. From 16 March 1972 to 1988 onward, the News and Periodicals Corporation (now the News and Periodicals Enterprise) was placed under the successive governments including the State Peace and Development Council.

As of 30 January 2006, the Myanmar News Agency (Internal) was moved to the News and Periodicals Enterprise (Head Office) of the Ministry of Information in Nay Pyi Taw and it has been functioning ever since.

Myanmar News Agency (External)
Even since the news agency was launched it collected news items from 16 news agencies such as PTI, Reuters, Yonhap, Xinhua under the management of the Director of Information Department. In the early 2004, the news agency found it difficult with Teleprinter and stop using the device. Ever since, it has been facilitated with a satellite disc by Xinhua, enable it to use computers.

The news crew of the MNA (External) moved to the Nay Pyi Taw Press in Zeyathiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw from Yangon on 11 November 2009. It has been functioning since then and stopped publishing and distributing its bulletins on 1 April 2015 as most foreign news go digital. But, it has been translating foreign news collected from Reuters, Xinhua, NHK, PTI, KPL, AFP and distributed it to the people.

The Myanmar News Agency (Internal) publishes a daily bulletin and distributes it at 8 pm. The Myanmar News Agency (External) publishes three bulletins which are distributed daily with the exception of Sunday on which one bulletin only is published.  The circulation of bulletins is 200 on average. The publishing of bulletins was stopped on 1 April 2015 to keep pace with changes and developments.

Myanmar Digital News
The News and Periodicals Enterprise went into partnership with Megalink Advanced Technologies Co Ltd on 7-3-2018 in order to transform its daily newspapers into digital newspapers.

A news portal was established for people to be able to read news both in English and Myanmar. The trial-run of the news portal with news in Myanmar version started on 15-12-2017, and with news in English version on 29-12-2017. It was formally introduced on 11-1-2018 by the name of the Myanmar Digital News.

The NPE established a news network apart from digital newspaper and new portal with the aim of penetrating international news networks with authentic news, of enabling the people to read its news in tablets and mobile phones and of enabling those residing in far-flung regions and overseas to have access to newspapers.