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Submitted by moiuser on 24 June 2024

A Myanmar delegation, led by Union Minister for Construction U Myo Thant, attended the 15th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IIICF), co-hosted by the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), held under the theme “Green Innovation and Digital Connectivity” on 20 June. They returned to Yangon yesterday evening.

During the forum, the Union minister also held separate meetings with representatives from Chinese state-owned construction companies operating in Myanmar. Discussions focused on promoting green innovation and digital connectivity in infrastructure projects developed through bilateral cooperation. Senior officials and representatives from Myanmar’s state-owned companies participated, with an emphasis on accelerating infrastructure development through continuous feasibility studies. Both sides stressed effective collaboration, including technology transfer for human resource development and infrastructure enhancement. They also explored potential collaboration areas and investment opportunities in infrastructure projects.

Additionally, the Union minister observed ongoing recycling energy facilities and a road widening project in Macao. These projects were planned to minimize social disruption, underscoring the region’s commitment to sustainable development.

Furthermore, the Myanmar delegation visited the galleries showcasing Green Innovation and Digital Connectivity at the IIICF, along with invited special guests.