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Promote enduring peace: A global endeavour for all citizens

THE theme for this year’s International Day of Peace, “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the Global Goals”, serves as a global call to action. Its resonance extends far beyond symbolic observance; it encapsulates the urgent need for perpetual and robust peace, not just for individuals but for entire nations.

Preserve Bagan’s cultural heritage for the future

​​​​​​​IN THE heart of the Bagan region, a plethora of ancient stupas and temples have flourished, testifying to the virtuous acts of the devoted Bagan community. These sacred structures, now recognized as Myanmar’s cherished cultural heritage, have suffered a fate wherein half of them vanished due to the passage of time, natural catastrophes, and

Polish ASEAN’s image for the emergence of a better community

AS the world faces an array of serious global challenges, ASEAN is no exception. The Association must adopt a more forward-looking and cohesive approach to address common traditional and non-traditional issues like natural disasters, emerging infectious diseases, transnational crimes, terrorism, and food and energy security.

Uplift the role of mangrove ecosystems in defying disasters

MANGROVE forests have proven to be invaluable shields against natural disasters, offering vital protection from storms, landslides, flooding, and tsunamis. The absence of these coastal forests along the shorelines, as well as riverbanks and creeks, has led to devastating losses and damages in numerous natural disasters.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Waste Management

WASTE management is a critical issue in today’s world, and it is essential to find innovative solutions for sustainable waste management. The world is generating an ever-increasing amount of waste, and if we don’t take action, we will soon be overwhelmed by it. Let us explore some innovative solutions for sustainable waste management.

Post-Disaster Management

POST-DISASTER management mentions that coordinated efforts are taken after a disaster has occurred, to help affected communities recover and rebuild. The goal of post-disaster management is to reduce the adverse impact of disasters on people, property, and the environment, and to restore the normal functioning of affected communities as quickly as possible. The followings are some of the key steps involved in post-disaster management.

Where the West Got it Wrong!

TWO years after the infamous downfall of the NLD, with an abundance of corroborative evidence emerging, it seems so surprising that the US and the West are still clinging to the fact that the coup was illegal and terrorists sponsoring NLD should be the legitimate government. Here are the areas where the West got it wrong.
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