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Submitted by moiuser on 28 November 2021

(1) Myanmar Lunar Calendar with four seasons [Summer, Monsoon Rain and Cold or Winter]


(2) Has many red-letter days for various reasons.

(3) Religious, Cultural, national and international.

(4) Global, regional and such regional. This year Myanmar National Victory Day.

(5) Fall, on 28 November 2021, 101st the original date of National Victory Day.

(6) Was the Tenth waning moon of Myanmar month Tazaungmon which corresponds to December. timbale.

(7) With the departure of Myanmar king Thibaw to Ratnagiri of the British Indian Empire.

(8) Broke out resistance movements across the country. The British named it the Period of Pacification.

(9) But it was a short time before the heavy storm. As proved by the Rangoon University of Boycott of strong.

(10) There is already up Rangoon College. A wooden complex Building facing General Hospital Rangoon downtown.

(11) Affiliated to Calcutta University of world renown.

(12) Typical British Indian University British, Indian and colonial history literature language and culture.

(13)Turning point came in the year 1920 when the British colonial government decided to “pen Rangoon University.

(14) British Universities are for royally Aristocracy and upper Middle class. To serve British Empire faithfully royally and honestly.

(15) Residential University’ to teach to train to organize Black English man of Angle piles. Frugality and despising their own origin and culture.

(16) Nothing Burmese history, language, literature and culture. Thoroughly anglicized Anglo pile.

(17) Based upon typical English London, Cambridge and Oxford. Only sons and daughters of least Landed Gentry high-salaried parents could afford.

(18) Residential Hostels Breakfast, Pre-lunch, Tea lunch. Pre-drink dinner tea, Dinner plus supper and laundry and shoe shine.

(19) Young Indian errand boy at your service.

(20) Costing each student Rs 45 [Rupee].

(21) Township officer’s salary was Rs 30. Policemen got Rs 7 and 8 annas.

(22) Peon could live with Rs 5 for his decent living no need to fight.

(23) Myanmar middle class requested Day scholars should be accepted.

(24) British Government turned a deaf ear so Rangoon University Boycott broke out in December of the 1920 year.

(25) The list and names of Boycott leaders are inscribed in five languages on stone piles.

(26) At the Saturday corner not far from Banyan Bodhi Tree. On the platform of Shwedagon Phaya Gyi. (27) Council of National Education was set up for Boycotters and all students.

(28). British Colonial Education bred colonial slavish mentality. To serve the British crown and colonial Empire only.

(29) NCE [National Council of Education) set at National Collage. Conforming degrees B.A (Nat) M.A (Nat).

(30) Nat represents National just like B.A. (Lon), B.A. (Oxon), B.A. (Cambridge), B.A. (Harvard), B.A. (Yale).

(31) New movements began to appear National Vectoring of patriots with series freely offered.

(32) National College and later National School appeared.

(33) English modern history, Burma history literature and culture. For a new generation of patriots to nurture.

(34) Soon group up a new generation of Thakhin students meaning we are Thakhin masters of our country. Not slaves of the British colony.

(35) Thakhin Pho Hla Gyi of Yenangyaung Oilfield led labourers protest march to Yangon so far.

(36) Thakhin Kodaw Hmaing who wrote the famous Boycott Dica ဘွိုင်ကောက်ဒီကာ

(37) Thakhin Aung San, Thakhin Nu, Thakhin Soe, Thakhin Than Htun [white flag communist], Thakhin Soe [Red flag communist].

(38) Thakhin Aung San, Thakhin Shu Maung [General Nay Win], Thakhin Thein Pe

[Thein Pe Myint] [Tet Pone Gyi]. To wake up Myanmar people from political lethargy.

(39). U Razak, U Ba Win, U Khant, U Thant of UN Security General and other Myanmar of services National and International.

(40). Thus far, no further to elaborate the reason why weNational Victory Day” [with waning moon of Tazaungmon, 28 November 2021 this year. With apologies to all English versifiers.