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Submitted by moiuser on 28 November 2021

THE Shwebo pawsan paddy and rice trading have been stabled for the past one month, said U Kyaw Ngwe, the head of Shwebo Pawsan Paddy Association (head office) in Shwebo.


“The Shwebo pawsan trading is cool in Shwebo Township these days. There is no demand from the Yangon region. Although the price of paddy is much higher than before, the trading is cool these days. The price of the rice is also cool since last month. The price of rice is dropped every year at this time,” said U Kyaw Ngwe.


Some old Shwebo pawsan rice is stockpiled in Shwebo township. The sale of the Shwebo pawsan rice is not the same good as the old rice because it is newly-harvested rice and the taste is not good as the old one. Some traders guessed that the old rice will be demanded when the new rice is started detesting for the market. The price of Shwebo pawsan rice is different depending on the type of paddy. It is estimated that the opening market price for 100 baskets of newly-harvested paddy will be K1.2 million. The paddy crops will also be highly harvested this year.

There are a total of 200 members in the Shwebo Pawsan Paddy Association, including over 50 rice millers and about 150 farmers. Besides, more members have registered to join the association, said U Kyaw Ngwe.

 Lu Lay/GNLM