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Submitted by moiuser3 on 18 June 2024

SENIOR General Min Aung Hlaing gave guidance that continuous efforts must be made to produce high-quality textiles with the use of domestic cotton wool.

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday morning gave guidance as mentioned above in inspecting the Tatmadaw Textile Factory (Meiktila) in Meiktila of Mandalay Region.

At the meeting hall of the factory, factory manager U Naing Lin reported to the Senior General on the implementation of guidance given by the Senior General on his inspection tour in September 2022, the brief history of the factory, production of threads, undertaking of agriculture and livestock farming tasks for welfare of staff, and production of 2/80 threads with the use of local cotton wool.

In his response, the Senior General stressed that as various textiles, including mosquito nets, blankets, and bed sheets, are produced at home, it is necessary to meet the local demand for products in order to reduce import volumes.

He noted that if threads and textiles for MSME industries meet the demands at home, the import volume of textiles can be reduced.

The Senior General inspected the quality of textiles for uniforms and the quality produced by the factory and gave guidance on sustaining the quality of textiles, and increasing products depending on the market demand.

At the construction site of the Yarn Spinning Factory and Dyeing Factory, which will produce high-quality threads, the Senior General inspected the progress of factories and installation of machinery and coordinated reports of the factory manager and foreign experts from the factory construction project.