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Submitted by moiuser2 on 3 July 2024

IT is under preparation to launch geoparkbased tourism in the Mount Popa National Geopark, which will become the first of its kind in Myanmar, according to Ko Tin Ko Min from Maha Giri Community-based Geotourism Services.

The group said the tour package would be sold before the end of July.

“Geo-based tourism has started. But we haven’t got all the data yet. We need to give training inside our group this month. We plan to sell one package in the second half of this month. It is expected to be in the last week,” he said.

By attracting public interest moderately as a new kind of tourism, geotourism activities will include an excursion to the volcano, as well as a biodiversity study tour and knowledge sharing with guests, he said.

“Some designated areas are quite far. Among them, some easily accessible places are chosen and sharing about them is considered. We expect more youth and children from private schools to visit. For other people, there is a mountain climbing programme,” he explained.

The Maha Giri group currently provides Mount Popa climbing services, cares for Popa Langur conservation, and expands its services into geotourism. At the same time, it plans to conserve Mwaypway Tettu (Popa cyrtodactylus) and flying geckos, which are rare species in the Popa area.