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Submitted by moiuser3 on 27 February 2024

MINHLAKYIN Village, formed with more than 200 houses and located more than 20 miles from Minbu Township of Magway Region, is the sole village across the nation to preserve the traditions of residents for more than 200 years to date in the use of bullock carts on their pilgrimage tour.

Villagers make the pilgrimage tour to Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda once a year. Except for older persons and those who do not have bullock carts, all villagers happily make the seven-day pilgrimage tour from the 13th Waxing to the 4th Waning of Tabaung, said village administrator U Ohn Kyaing.

Along their route, the bullock carts station at the jetty of Mann Creek. For the time being, those villagers visit two sacred footprints of the Lord Buddha, Koekhangyi Pagoda and 28-Buddha images, offer oil lamps, water and flowers there dedicating to the Lord Buddha, taking Sabbath, reciting Pathana treatises and taking meditation with dispersing compassion.

In the afternoon, they also visited the golden deer farm and the star tortoise farm at Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary for observation. They also enjoy elephant shows at Shwesettaw Mannchaung elephant camp and ride elephants to view fascinating scenes. They plan to spend all their spare time touring all parts of Shwesettaw Pagoda and surrounding significant sites to enjoy the pleasure of the pilgrimage trip.

Zeyar Htet (Minbu)/TTA