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Submitted by moiuser on 26 January 2022

SIX phases of the Government Technical Institute (Dala) project, constructed on 25 acres of land in 22/14 wards, near Thabyaygon village, Dala Township, Yangon has now completed by 100 cent per cent.

“The project is being implemented in the 2019-2020 financial year. There are 16 parts of the construction project and 10 construction companies have been granted to implement the whole project. Currently, about six parts of the project, including water and power supply and kitchen theatre were completed, said an official from the Government Technical Institute (Dala) project.

This project will include three-storey RC building for training, staff housing, two four-storey RC buildings, two steel structure workshops, two gates, other utilities, including power and water supply, waste management and water storage, a 50×36 feet RC building for the management office, a 36×48 feet RC kitchen theatre, one RC building, one two-storey buildings for training, one two-storey lecture hall, a two-storey dormitory, four quadruplex staff housing and one feet three-storey main building.

The Government Technical Institute (Dala) project has been implemented under the allocated State budget in each financial year starting from the 2019-2020FY.

Upon completion of the project, the institute is expected to produce about 300 engineers holding AGTI Diploma certificates yearly.

Ko Naing (Bago)/GNLM