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Submitted by moiuser on 22 January 2022

FOLLOWING the report on KNPP and PDF terrorists who were hiding in the San Pya (6) mile village in the south of Loikaw, Kayah State, security forces conducted a search operation. However, as the terrorists opened fire at the security forces by covering behind houses, government and religious buildings and by using the residents as human shields instead of letting them out of the danger, the clashes erupted when security forces returned fire.

The terrorists finally fled towards the locally-known Gurkha village located in the northwest of the village. When the security forces followed them, more terrorist groups hiding in Hopheik village had used vehicles to reinforce their attacks. Therefore, security forces used heavy weapons and aerial supporting fire to prevent such reinforcements from harming local communities.

As the acts of KNPP and PDF terrorists are not targeting military targets, but religious buildings, schools and homes, and the use of human shields are deliberate acts of war crimes according to the Geneva Conventions and international laws, security forces continue to fight against them to prevent civilian casualties and peace in the area.