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Submitted by moiuser on 12 September 2021

NUG, CRPH, PDF groups, designated as terrorist organizations, and extremist NLD members are inciting civil unrest intending to attack the State Administration Council which is temporarily in charge of the country according to the 2008 Constitution. They have been planning the CDM activities and assassinating administrators to stop the government machinery, as well as brutally killing innocent civilians who do not support the NLD party. The terrorist organizations are now carrying out acts of terrorism in some towns and villages to destabilize the country and pretend to be a civil war by the time the 76th United Nations General Assembly is going to be held in a short period.

The so-called “People’s Defence Forces” PDF terrorists, extremist NLD members and professional saboteurs committed the following terrorist attacks under the directives of the terrorist organizations from February up to 9 September 2021.

(a) 2,390 times bomb attacks in public places;

(b) 304 times of shooting with small arms in public areas;

(c) A total of 799, including six monks, were killed and 726 people were injured in assassination attempts on innocent civilians;

(d) 386 arson attacks at government offices;

(e) 31 arson attacks on factories, workplaces and markets;

(f) 172 times of exploding public roads and bridges;

(g) 406 times arson attacks and explosions in educational buildings (schools, universities, colleges, education officer offices);

(h) 21 times of terrorist attacks on COVID-19 prevention, control, treatment centres and COVID-19 vaccination places;

(i) 68 times explosions on public telecommunication towers.

The above terrorist attacks did not include attacks on military targets or security forces’ bases but targeted non-military civilian targets. The international community will not accept the terrorist attacks upon public places related to the education and health sectors, the assassination of innocent people who do not support NLD, especially terrorist attacks on COVID-19 vaccination sites are biological and inhumane crimes.

The NUG terrorist organization released a statement, aiming to accelerate the above acts of violence, on 7 September 2021. The statement said, “to target the main pillars of the State Administration Council; Administrator should resign immediately; People are not allowed to travel unnecessarily and employees are not allowed to go to work.” Their statement worsens the socio-economic lives of the people who are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to undermining the stability and peace of the country, it is found that these acts of terrorism are causing fear and anxiety for the people who want to live in peace.

Local political parties, ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also protested against the statement, and it is found that the international community is criticizing that this is unacceptable.

As terrorism and terrorists which are not accepted in any society or global countries have been taking decisive actions, the State Administration Council is also taking effective actions in line with the international standards. We urge the international community to actively cooperate to prevent the spread of terrorism in Myanmar as their cooperation is required to effectively fight terrorism, which is unacceptable to any society.

In the fight against terrorism in various parts of the world, the people who do not want violence are cooperating with the governments of the countries. We urged the people of our country to continue to cooperate in covertly informing the relevant authorities in order to identify and arrest terrorists for the stability and peace of the country