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Submitted by moiuser on 24 June 2024

PDF terrorists fired at a vehicle on Myingyan-Magyithamyar road, north of Magyithamyar Village of Myingyan Township, two miles southeast of Myingyan at about 00:15 am on 23 June 2024.

In the incident, Assistant Abbot of YwaU Monastery in Sakhama Village of Myingyan Bhaddanta Uttama, aged 50, vasa 12, was dead with an injury at the left side of body, one more injury at the left side of skull and two more injuries at the right back together with U Aung Myo Thaung, 40, son of U Aung Thaung, injured with one bullet-shot at the upper part of left knee and one injury at the part behind the left ear.

A combined team comprising Tatmadaw members, Myanmar Police Force and people’s militia inspected the scene at about 00:50 am on 23 June.

Reportedly, the vehicle might be shot wrongly as a security vehicle due to bearing a security light on its roof.

In scrutinizing the incident, Bhaddanta Uttama drove the vehicle from Myat Ponnya Parahita Association of the village, accompanied by U Aung Myo Thaung, sent Ma Wint Wah Aye, 28, daughter of U Aye Thaung, from Sakhama Village suffered from stomachache to the house of her father U Aye Thaungin Ward 7 of Myingyan at about 10 pm on 22 June 2024. On the return to Sakhama Village, the vehicle was attacked by PDF terrorists with the use of small arms near the site of incident on Myingyan-Magyithamyar road, according to U Aung Myo Thaung.

Security force members sent the dead body of the Sayadaw and the injuredperson to Myingyan District People’s Hospital at about 1:30 am yesterday and they are taking necessary security measures.