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Submitted by moiuser on 12 April 2024

VICE-CHAIRMAN U Aye Kyu Lay of the Myanmar Motion Pictures Organization (MMPO) announced that the censor approvals are going to be issued only after 60 days of filming for movies and 30 days for series starting from 1 May.

Currently, if a submission for censor approval of movies and series is applied, the approval is made only after 90 days of shooting. This rule will be changed starting from 1 May.

U Aye Kyu Lay stated, “If a movie or series is filmed without prior approval of the script, action will be taken in accordance with the regulations. Recently, some movie producers have begun filming before obtaining script approval. Therefore, we must summon and notify those producers that they may face punishment according to the rules set by the censorship board.”

Before COVID-19, film shooting permissions were granted if the application included approval of the script.