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Submitted by moiuser5 on 24 February 2024

SOME malicious media outlets disseminated false information, saying that 14 civilians were detained by the security forces at 5th-mile gate of the entrance to Bhamo in Kachin State while fleeing to Bhamo amid the fighting between security forces and KIA and PDF terrorists that occurred in Mansi township on 18 February. These media outlets also spread fabricated news that those civilians were detained at that gate on 17 February after the approval of People’s Military Service Law.

Responding to such fake news, a security forces officer of Bhamo clarified that the normal inspection was being conducted as usual at the entry/exist of the township for the security measures and 14 civilians were not arrested.

The KIA and PDF terrorists forcibly recruit the local ethnic people in Bhamo township as they face huge losses in clashes, and the local youths had to flee from the villages. The malicious media outlets intentionally spread false news and misinformation to threaten the people and youths.