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Submitted by moiuser on 2 August 2023

CHAIRMAN of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla attended the ceremonies to consecrate the Maravijaya Buddha image, hoist golden umbrellas atop small pagodas on stone plaque chambers and share merits gained at the designated venues in the precinct of Buddha Park in Dekkhinathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.

A total of 855 members of the Sangha were ushered into four pavilions on the platform of the Image. A total of 12 members of the Sangha led by Pali Sayadaw were ushered to Mucalinda Lake and Sasana Beikman to consecrate the Buddha image, five other monks to Maravijaya Monastery, and nine other monks to Therasana venue.

On the occasion, six members of the Sangha from Cambodia, 11 from Thailand, 10 from Nepal, 11 from Viet Nam, 10 from Bangladesh, six from Laos, 11 from Sri Lanka and five from India consecrated the Maravijaya Buddha Image. Likewise, members of the Sangha consecrated the image. State Ovadacariya 16th Shwegyin Sangharaja Chancellor of Sitagu International Buddhist Academies Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru Abhidhaja Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika Dr Bhaddanta Nyanissara recited the victorious consecration verse, and the Buddha image was illuminated. Three venerable Sayadaws, the leading donor and well-wishers hoisted tiers of the golden umbrella, the bejewelled pennant-shaped vane and the bejewelled diamond orb atop the pagoda, four encircled pagodas and small pagodas on the stone plaque chambers respectively.

In his supplication, the Senior General said that the heaviest marble rocks for the image were conveyed along the longest waterway and the longest land road from Sagyin Hill to Ayeyawady River, then to Sameikkhon Port and then to Nay Pyi Taw passing through a new canal and new road starting from 3 July 2020. Seeking advice from members of the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee, it was considered to facilitate the park with the pagoda, monastery, lake, ordination hall, public rest houses and bridges. Tri Pitaka treatises were carved on the stone plaques in Pali and Romanized languages and kept in the park, and the Buddha image was entitled Maravijaya Buddha Image.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Buddha image were conveyed on the throne from 26 to 31 January 2023. Religious objects and jewellery items were enshrined into the central parts of the throne on 27 January and 10 February this year. Under the leadership of rector Sayadaws from International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, State Pariyatti Sasana Universities in Yangon and Mandalay and Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Tri Pitaka treatises were carved on 1,440 stone plaques in Pali and Romanized languages. Such treatises will be printed for religious centres across the world.

Moreover, Agga Dhipati Sasana Beikman called Withongama ordination hall, water fountain square, six Suddhamma public rest houses, archive museum, image board of trustees office, Maha Bodhi banyan tree, a replica bridge of Mingala Bridge from Mandalay and various religious edifices were built at Maravijaya Buddha Park.

The Senior General and wife donated a nine-inch Maravijaya Buddha image, religious building and alms to SSMNC Secretary Presiding Patron of Thanlyin Minkyaung Pahtamapyan Buddhist Learning Centre in Thanlyin of Yangon Agga Maha Pandita Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja Dr Bhaddanta Candima Bhivamsa Sayadaw.

The SAC Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister and wife offered alms to Sitagu Sayadaw whereas disciples donated offerings to members of the Sangha.

The Senior General and wife together with the congregation listened to the Sammodaniya Ovadakatha delivered by Sitagu Sayadaw, and SSMNC Vice-Chairman Presiding Patron of Kyaukme Thiho Pariyatti Buddhist Learning Centre Agga Maha Pandita Dr Bhaddanta Candana Sara delivered a sermon and the congregation shared merits gained.

The Senior General and his wife offered day meals to 900 members of local and foreign Sangha at Bawzanathala Hall and hosted a lunch for the congregation. At night, fireworks were launched at the Maravijaya Buddha Image and religious buildings were illuminated.