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Submitted by moiuser on 24 July 2023

CONSTRUCTION of Maravijaya sitting Buddha image aims to show flourishing of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, for Myanmar to be a focal point of Theravada Buddhism, ensure prosperity of the State and contribute to peace and stability of the world, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the third clarification to religious title recicpient well-wishers and those from partner companies on building the world’s tallest sitting marble Buddha image in Dekkhinathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw at the hall of the Buddha image precinct yesterday morning.

In his clarification, the Senior General said that pieces of marble rocks to be carved as Maravijaya Buddha Image and throne, weighing 8,158 tonnes, were conveyed along the land roads, starting from 3 July 2020. Conveyance process used modular trailars manufactured by Goldhofer Company of Germany.

The Senior General recounted that advice was sought from members of the Sangha from the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee for building religious edifices in addition to carving the Buddha image. Moreover, Tri Pitaka treatises were carved on the stone plaques in Pali and Romanized languages, to be kept in the Maravijaya Buddha Park, he added.

The Senior General continued to say that the books on treatises of Tri Pitaka were printed in Pali and Romanized languages with the use of quality paper. Arrangements are being made to insert the application of treatises into tablets to be donated to Buddhist centres across the nation.

He explained that the Buddha Park has been facilitated with a bridge, replica of Mingala Bridge at Mandalay Royal City. Bored piles were driven at the structure capable of 20,000 tonnes of withstanding the Buddha image. Parts of the throne were systematically placed and connected.

Soils from seven holy places of Buddhism from India and those from 35 lands of victory of eminent pagodas across the nation were placed on Vijayabhumi Nimmana land of victory in front of the marble Buddha image.

The Senior General also clarified construction of the water fountains, Thudhamma public rest-houses, Mucalinda Lake, Maravijaya Chamber and Nagayon Pagoda under various religious treatises. Stone plaques bearing inscriptions on Tri Pitakat treatises in Pali and Romanized languages were accommodated in the stone plaque chambers on which small pagodas were built for public obeisance, he remarked.

The Senior General disclosed that the Buddha image connected with part 1, 2 and 3 weighing 1,700 tonnes was lifted up by 1,500 tonnes of the steel tower and a 250-tonne steel frame through collaborative efforts of Myanmar engineers from the Myanmar Engineering Council and military engineers on 26 January 2023.

He noted that religious objects and jewellery items donated by people were enshrined on the central point of the throne on 27 January and 10 February 2023. Moreover, Sasana Beikman Aggadipati Withongama ordination hall, 296 feet long, 213 feet wide and 94 feet high, was built to accommodate 900 members of the Sangha and 1,200 laypersons at religious ceremonies. Additionally, an Unnalon holy hair was installed on the face of the Buddha image. Engineers built the Buddha image to endure impacts of 120 mph storm or 8.8 Richter scale of earthquake.

The Senior General highlighted that the precinct of the Buddha image has been facilitated a banner post and Saddadhipati Bell as well as an escalator for older persons and those with disabilities to easily visit the Buddha image. Next, a video clip featured construction process of the water fountain square and the stone plaque chambers and the situation of the Buddha image on completion of all processes.

The Senior General and officials accepted cash donated by attendees to the ceremony. At the ceremony, 377 well-wishers donated K17.415 billion for construction of the Buddha image and the Buddha park.

Afterwards, the Senior General said that a gala ceremony will be celebrated for consecration of the Maravijaya Buddha Image, umbrella-hoisting for small pagodas on stone plaque chambers and merit-sharing for all deeds on 1 August 2023.

The attendees viewed round scale models of Maravijaya Buddha image and Buddha park, printed books on Pitaka treatises in Pali and Romanized languages and inserting an application of treatises into tablets. They also visited the Maravijaya Buddha Image and the Buddha Park.

Construction of Maravijaya sitting Buddha image aims to show flourishing of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, for Myanmar to be a focal point of Theravada Buddhism, ensure prosperity of the State and contribute to peace and stability of the world.