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Submitted by moiuser on 27 June 2023
  1. AN announcement has been issued that well-wishers wishing to make donations for people who fell victim to the extremely severe cyclonic storm Mocha which hit Myanmar on 14-5- 2023 can donate cash to Myanmar account OA-011834 and foreign account 1DA-0300086.
  2. In this announcement, it is duly mentioned that our commitment to receiving donations extends to additional electronic payment systems and mobile payment systems. Further updates and notifications will be made in due course
  3. . It has been announced that donations can be made to the previously announced phone number and to the account that was opened, and since it can be confusing to donate with a phone number, we have already made it possible to donate with a QR code instead of the phone number.
  4. Donations can be made through KBZ Pay or Wave Money. If you wish to donate, please scan the QR codes provided by both KBZ Pay and Wave Money. To contribute, enter the code included within the respective QR codes.
  5. People make donations through CB Pay, AYA Pay, OK $, UAB pay and Citizens Pay which are widely used to enhance convenience for donors. To donate, please scan the QR code and enter the code provided within it.
  6. The well-wishers can contact the following persons for further information: -

National Disaster Management Committee