Rice and broken rice export fetched nearly US$181million

The export of rice and broken rice as of 7th October in this fiscal year 2016-2017 earned US$180.934million, with an export volume of 524,545 tonnes, it is learnt from the Ministry of Commerce.
The volume of rice export from 1st April to 7th October in this fiscal year was 394,101 tonnes worth over US$142million, while that of broken rice was 130,444 tonnes worth over US$38million.
During the first week of October, 5,716 tonnes of rice exports worth US$2.191million were exported through Myanmar and China border trade camps. The figure slumped by over 2,000 tonnes when compared to the volume of last week.
In a similar period, the value of broken rice export through the Sino-Myanmar border trade camps amounted to US$0.559million with the volume of 1,719 tonnes.
Through the China-Myanmar border gates, the total value of rice exports in September was US$13.193million, with a rice volume of 35,856 tonnes which has slumped by 26,474 tonnes when compared to August, it is learnt. The broken rice export in September earned US$1.868million, with an export volume of 5,747 tonnes, which decreased by over 2,500 tonnes compared to August.
The rice export through normal trade in September fetched US$1.635million while that of broken rice earned US$1.012million, it is learnt.
About 200 tonnes of rice and about 500 tonnes of broken rice were exported through sea trade from 2nd to 8th October.
The volume of rice and broken rice exports in the last fiscal year 2015-2016 reached about 1.4 million tonnes.

However, the demand from China, the main buyer of Myanmar’s rice, is on the decline over the first half of this fiscal year.

Ko Htet