Myanma Radio and Television

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Myanma Radio and Television
Background History (brief)

Myanma Radio and Television started its first debut with the name of “Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS)” or “Bama Athan” on Inya Myaing Road, Shwe Taung Kyar Ward on 15th February in 1946.  “Bama Athan” was renamed to “Myanma Athan” on 28th November in 1958. On the 4th November of 1960, the service was moved from Windarmeya Broadcast Station to Pyay Road. Color Television Program was broadcast first on 1st November 1980. It was changed into “Myanma Television and Radio Department (MRTD) on 24th January, 1991 and was reformed into “Myanma Radio and Television” (MRTV) on 22nd November, 1997.
The objective of the MRTV is as follow;
* To inform, to educate and to entertain
* To be undertaken giving information, education and entertainment through new media such as internet including print media, TV and Radio broadcasting as well as public relations ways by Ministry of Information

The goal of the MRTV is as follow;
* To undertake pre-processes that should be reformed step by step for Myanma Radio and Television as the Public Service Broadcaster
* To carry out program production, broadcasting and financial tasks in line with the basic principles of Public Service Broadcasting
* To stand as a Broadcasting Association carrying out in line with ethic
* To transform TV and Radio broadcastings into digital system, TV broadcasting into High Definition (HD) system and Radio Broadcasting into Stereo system
* To extend basic infrastructures for the development of local TV and Radio broadcasting industry
* To carry out reform process properly based on the norms and technical development reviewed by local and international broadcasters
*Myanma Radio and Television is formed with 7 divisions such as Technical, Planning, Finance, TV, Radio, Music and MI.

The policy of the MRTV is as follow;
* To inform properly undertakings of legislative, administrative and judiciary pillars
* To inform and educate the subjects concerned with the interest of respective Regions and States and important announcements
* To describe fully the programs giving public service, entertainment, knowledge and information, to add the programs that are not expressed by private medias for the public interest and to fulfill the public’s needs and interests
* To fulfill the needs of education and information to an individual or organization for personal development including free time and recreation by establishing Community Centers and Community Libraries
* To carry out public library services with the same basis in regardless of age, race, gender, language and class in conformity with the different needs of people in rural and urban areas.