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Submitted by moiuser3 on 22 June 2024

MYANMAR is exerting concerted efforts to meet Thailand’s growing demand for food raw materials through the Myawady border channel, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Myanmar exports agricultural produce such as dried chilli pepper, onion, areca nut, core metal, dried cassava, tamarind with seed and turmeric.

With the flouring food industry in Thailand, its demand for Myanmar’s kitchen groceries has risen as restaurants and food businesses widely use them. Myanmar mostly sends them to Thailand through the Myawady border at present.

Additionally, perishable green items like onions, chilli pepper and cabbage are given priority in goods inspections at the Myawady border.

The Myawady border saw exports of 230.605 tonnes of dried chilli pepper worth $0.376 million, 740.2 tonnes of onion worth $0.373 million, 241 tonnes of dried cassava worth $0.034 million, 20 tonnes of tamarind worth $0.005 million and 10.5 tonnes of turmeric worth $0.002 million in the second week of June. Meanwhile, Myanmar imports plastic goods ($0.111 million), construction goods ($0.058 million), food products ($0.054 million), cotton ($0.050 million), electronic devices ($0.038 million), zinc sheets ($0.016 million), iron and steel products ($0.011 million), lace fabric ($0.007 million), bicycle and bicycle parts ($0.007 million) and papers ($0.007 million).

The actual trade value between 1 and 14 June 2024 at the Myawady border tallied $6.07 million, comprising exports worth $2.39 million and imports worth $3.67 million.