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From Delta to Myawady

TAKING a long breath, the trader U Win Thein, who delivers commodities from Pathein to Yangon, said, “Usually the truck running on the delta region used to earn K20,000 per tonne of goods for a 100-mile-long journey. Now, the Myawady border route’s transport truck rate earns much more than the Delta routes. Therefore, most six-wheeled trucks that used to run in the Delta region are shifting to the Myawady route, resulting in difficulty transporting goods to Yangon.”

Keep Myanmar society free from rabies in 2030

MYANMAR is steadfastly working towards a rabies-free society by 2030, intensifying control measures to ensure that no lives are claimed by this deadly disease within the country. The nation has outlined a comprehensive national plan spanning from 2018 to 2030, specifically targeting the reduction of rabies incidents in dogs.

Chain of title in real estate

THE state is the “absolute owner” of Land in Myanmar; citizens do not hold absolute property rights. Land ownership and land use in Myanmar are regulated under various laws depending on whether the land is designed: grant land, freehold land, permit land, urban area land, forest land, farmland, or fallow land.

Congratulation on the 25th Anniversary of Civil Service Academy (Upper Myanmar)

The Civil Service Academy, Upper Myanmar (CSAUM) was founded on 7 February 1999 and is now 25 years old. It is situated in Zeepingyi village, PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay Region. It is located on Mandalay-PyinOoLwin Road and is about 24 miles far from Mandalay. The area occupied by the CSAUM is 905.10 acres. There is the Yadanabon Cyber City in the East, Central Institute of Fire Bridge in the North and Northwest, the Police Officer Training Institute of Myanmar Police Force, Zeepingyi Village in the West and Paypin Village in the South and Southwest.

Keep promise for lending and borrowing loans

The Union government demonstrated its commitment to economic advancement by approving the transfer of K100 billion from the COVID-19 special loan fund to the State economic promotion fund in November 2023. This decision aligns with the fund’s objective of bolstering the economic sectors of both State-owned and private enterprises nationwide.

Expand cultivation of industrial raw crops to develop the State

Myanmar, an agro-based country, has allocated 49.39 million acres of land for cultivating various crops, including paddy, pulses and beans, oil crops, and industrial raw crop rubber. The latter is cultivated across 1.64 million acres in nine regions and states, highlighting its significance in the agricultural landscape.

Promote enduring peace: A global endeavour for all citizens

THE theme for this year’s International Day of Peace, “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the Global Goals”, serves as a global call to action. Its resonance extends far beyond symbolic observance; it encapsulates the urgent need for perpetual and robust peace, not just for individuals but for entire nations.

Preserve Bagan’s cultural heritage for the future

​​​​​​​IN THE heart of the Bagan region, a plethora of ancient stupas and temples have flourished, testifying to the virtuous acts of the devoted Bagan community. These sacred structures, now recognized as Myanmar’s cherished cultural heritage, have suffered a fate wherein half of them vanished due to the passage of time, natural catastrophes, and
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