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State Counsellor updates government measures against COVID-19 pandemic

I WANT to report about the COVID situation in Myanmar. As all of you know, the spread of COVID infections is, especially in Yangon. That is why we have issued strict “stay at home” rules and regulations in all townships in the Yangon region except Cocogyun. It is necessary to impose such restrictions. It is known to the majority of the people that the disease is spreading. Please don’t be too afraid because the disease is spreading. However, you all need to be very vigilant.

State Counsellor’s report to people about latest situation regarding outbreak of COVID-19 in Rakhine State

When matters important for our country happen, our Government believes that the most effective way is to report to the people and cooperate with the people. I am reporting based on this belief. As everyone knows, beginning from last week, the infection spread of COVID-19 in Sittway has been very rapid. Because of the rapid infection spread, anxieties and concerns have risen. I want you all to see this as a challenge. A challenge is not something to be feared. A challenge is something to be overcome. I believe that we can overcome this challenge as one of the efforts of the State. Because of the infection spread in Sittway, we had to impose restrictions to make sure that people from Sittway do not go out of Rakhine State. It is not because we wanted to impose controls and restrictions. We intend to provide protection. In providing protection, we are protecting the whole country as well. We are also protecting the people in Sittway as well as people in Northern Rakhine.

State Counsellor and Chairperson of National Reconciliation and Peace Centre makes speech at Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panglong

I welcome and greet all distinguished guests who have come to attend the opening ceremony of the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong, Fourth Session. May you all have good health and well-being.

State Counsellor’s televised message to public on prevention, control and treatment measures against COVID-19

(People are the key; No matter how the government adopts sound policies, public participation is pivotal to achieve success.)

Dear citizens of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar,

“I’m reporting that we need to collaborate in the containment and prevention measures against the COVID-19 and to prepare for the health and socio-economic challenges we are facing ahead, in the best way.

Speech delivered by State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on the 72nd Anniversary of Chin National Day

M AY I extend my warm greetings to you all, esteemed guests, all Union born nationals, especially all our Chin brothers and sisters, present on the occasion of the 72nd Anniversary of Chin National Day.  I wish you all peace of  mind, wellbeing and happiness.
On this auspicious occasion of the Chin National Day, I extend joy,  happiness and metta to all Chin nationals not only throughout our country Myanmar but also all over the world. 

Speech delivered by State Counsellor on the occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the Kayah State Day celebrations

It’s a great pleasure for us to be present on the occasion of the 68th Kayah State Anniversary. Celebrating a State day is possible because we are celebrating a part of the Union. So no discrimination must exist between the Union and the State. Instead, it is very important to have the Union and the states always stand side by side. Since we have regained our independence, we have successfully founded the Union. The Union Spirit, the attitudes of the Union and the values of the Union can be witnessed almost everywhere in a state like the Kayah State.

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