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Submitted by moiuser on 15 January 2022

A press release has been issued regarding the seizure of bombs and weapons and ammunition, and terrorist equipment, including 107mm rocket launchers from PDF terrorists who were setting up sandbag bunkers, and terrorist training camps to carry out acts of violence at the school in Marathein village, Htigyaing Township, Sagaing Region.


The terrorists, who had been dispersed by the security forces, returned to the village at around 9:30 pm on 13 January and set fire to the school to destroy any evidence of their encampment.


As the result of the arson attack, one two-storey building (130 feet x 25 feet), one one-storey building (60 feet x 25 feet) and one one-storey building (80 feet x 18 feet) were destroyed.


In addition, terrorists opened fire on security forces by taking cover behind the village houses and schools, the burning of the village school is not only detrimental to the education of school-age children, but also a ban on higher learning, which in turn contributes to local development. As these acts are considered war crimes under the Geneva Conventions and international law, their actions continue to be disgustingly disliked by the local people.


It is reported that security forces will identify and annihilate the perpetrators of the above acts of violence, and the people are urged to cooperate for the stability of the area by secretly reporting any information about the movements of terrorists to relevant authorities.