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Submitted by moiuser on 26 July 2021

DEPUTY Director of the Department of Prisons U Chan Aye Kyaw was interviewed by MRTV (Myanmar Radio and Television) yesterday in connection with the DVB’s coverage of Dr Sasa’s allegations of genocide in Insein Prison.

U Chan Aye Kyaw: There were reports of unjust beatings of protesters, following the negotiations. I would like to say it is not true at all because only those in charge of the prison can enter the prison following the prison rules. In saying so, some staff are assigned outside of the prison and some on the inside. Those, who are assigned to the jail, could enter the jail. However, those on the outside are not allowed to enter the prison without responsibility. Even our staff are not allowed to enter the jail without being on duty. Other organizations, including the Myanmar Police Force and Tatmadaw, cannot enter the prison. In addition, no one can enter the jail with a weapon, according to the law.

In fact, after the riot inside the prison had ended, the prisoners were locked in their respective cells, and prison staff had to wait outside the closed cells. I would like to explain that it is impossible to beat them.

There are roads in the front and back of the prison. There is also a road beside the reserved prison and CID compound.

Since the prison is surrounded by roads, I assume that this kind of rumours came out to create unwanted problems that were stoked by the people who were circulating misinformation based on their own opinion.

The closure of prison cells is stated in the prison manual. We called out the leaders of the riot groups and negotiated how their demand can be legally resolved. There is no such thing as an unjust closure or beating. The rumours also said there were 20 or 8 prisoners who died of beatings. In reality, there is no death at all, and if there was, we have to report it immediately. The prison activities were carried out on 25 July in line with the prison manual. We provide food, accommodation and healthcare services are also provided as usual, and there is no such thing as punishment for the riot. However, every prisoner has to abide by the set rules and regulations of the prison, and action is taken under the law against those who violate them.

Aung Myo/GNLM