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Submitted by moiuser on 26 July 2021

AN Oxygen Tank Station, which can produce 1,440 oxygen cylinders of 40-litre capacity per day, is under construction at the 1,000-bedded Military Hospital in Mingaladon Township of Yangon Region. It was slated for completion by the end of July.

The oxygen production process of that Oxygen Tank Station involves the storage of liquid oxygen into the oxygen tank station to produce gas oxygen.

The station can hold 50 tonnes and produce 7,500 gas oxygen cylinders (40 litres) and 60 cylinders (40 litres) per hour. It can also produce 1,440 cylinders (40 litres) during 24 hours.

The work is underway day and night to complete the construction of a 30x30 feet plinth for the Oxygen Tank and 60x40 feet Filling Station by the end of this month.

The oxygen tank foundation will be 10 feet below the ground level together with 3 feet of the plinth level.