2020 New Year Message from Vice President U Henry Van Thio

I extend my greetings and my best wishes that from the auspicious New Year Day of 2020 onwards, may all our ethnic nationals enjoy best of health and peace of mind, and all the blessings. May you all be able to overcome the challenges and difficulties that you will encounter in the New Year based on the experiences gained from the past by building mutual respect, good will, understanding and trust among ethnic national brothers and sisters of the Union; and may you all have access to good opportunities within your reach. I also hope that from our endeavours exerted with the strength of unity, we will be able to achieve good outcomes and effective support towards achieving Union Peace and establishing the Democratic Federal Union, yearned by the people.

Since the path and future of our Union, built by the unity of our ethnic nationals, depends upon the actions of our ethnic nationals and people, may you all become good citizens who will step up efforts to uplift the interests of the nation, and the reputation and integrity of all our ethnic nationals. May all your good wishes be fulfilled.

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar