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Submitted by moiuser5 on 17 June 2024

The subversive news media are spreading the false news claiming that the security forces burnt the Phattawyay village of Natmauk Township of Magway Region and destroyed 40 houses of the village on 13 June.

Concerning about the news, a security official reported that the true occurrence was that the PDF terrorists extorted money and recruited new members. Therefore, the local people were running away and the security forces were conducting the security operations, according to the report of a responsible citizen. The temporary tents of the terrorists were found 500 metres from the Phattawyay village and they attacked the security forces with the small arms. So, both sides exchanged fire. Later, the terrorists ran away with a lot of injuries.

Subsequently, the handmade mines and explosive materials from the terrorists’ temporary tents were destroyed systematically by the security forces not to be harmful to the public. Hence, the spreading news, the security forces burnt and destroyed the Phattawyay village, is just a fake one.