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Submitted by moiuser2 on 22 February 2024

SOME malicious news media spread false news that more than 20 young men were arrested by the security forces hidden in the Thebyu Village, Ngayokkaung, Ayeyawady Region after 8 pm from 15 to 18 February to scare the young people and public about the misinformation that they will be given military training.

Regarding the news, a resident said that during those days, the security forces only took stability and security measures in the village and the surrounding area, and did not arrest the young people.

The malicious news media and those who don’t want peace in the community are only propagandists who are convincing young people to join terrorist organizations by spreading false information such as security forces and administrative organizations are arresting passers-by for military service.

It is being announced through the national news media that you can contact the People’s Military Service Summoning Central Committee in order not to mislead the public and young people with false news regarding the People’s Military Services Law.