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Submitted by moiuser on 15 October 2023

I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations for successfully convening of the ceremony to commemorate the 8th Anniversary of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).

We have a proverb in Chinese "Peace is Precious". Peace is prerequisite for the national development of Myanmar and prosperity of all national races residing in the country. Peace is not only very much in line with the aspirations of the people but also the common interests of the entire people of Myanmar.

China has all along consistently supported the peace process of Myanmar. We wish to actively support Myanmar by playing a constructive role in calling for peace dialogues on the basis of full respect for the sovereignty and needs of Myanmar.

We view the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) as a momentous milestone in the peace process of Myanmar. We also believe that all stakeholders of the Myanmar peace process based on openness, inclusivity, flexibility and practicality will be able to steadfastly embark on the path to dialogue by holding peace dialogues that lead to achieve lasting peace in the end through building mutual trust in the country.

As you all are well aware, China and Myanmar are linked by rivers and mountains and have been enjoying the unique Pauk- phaw relations. China has always highly valued the traditional bonds of friendship between the two countries and upheld a policy of cordial relations with the entire people of Myanmar. China will continue to promote the mutual friendship by working side by side with Myanmar as reliable cooperative partner. Moreover, we believe that by accelerating the “Belt and Road Initiatives-BRI” projects, both countries will be able to fully achieve the essence of "China- Myanmar - A community of shared future". China supports Myanmar's efforts to safeguard the national integrity, and the legitimate rights and interests in the international arenas and to choose its own development path that suits Myanmar. China also sincerely hope that the international community will fully respect the sovereignty of Myanmar and constructively supports in its democratic transition, peace and national reconciliation processes.

We believe that both countries will continue to enjoy a cordial relation and also remain as good neighbours. China will also continue to stand not only as a reliable good neighbor but also as a good friend and partner of Myanmar. We wish to extend our warm wishes for peace and the continued progress and prosperity of Myanmar. Long-live Myanmar.