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Submitted by moiuser on 3 October 2023

EVERY Myanmar citizen is responsible for protecting religious edifices and cultural treasures that transcend the boundaries of religion and race because they belong not just to Myanmar but also to every Myanmar citizen. The preservation of these sacred properties depends on the collective efforts of all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or faith. It is imperative that everybody carry a shared commitment in our hearts: to safeguard these invaluable treasures, never engage in destructive actions, and treat them with the utmost respect.

Respecting religious and cultural properties is a universal principle that transcends religious affiliations. Take, for instance, the Shwedagon Pagoda, a cherished symbol of Myanmar’s soul. As custodians of our tangible and intangible cultural heritage, it is incumbent upon all to ensure that no inappropriate actions mar the sanctity of the pagoda and its surroundings. The board of trustees of the pagoda has also issued guidelines explicitly discouraging any behaviour that might tarnish its sanctity.

Visitors to the pagoda must exercise decorum. Inappropriate clothing and actions can inadvertently reflect negatively on their character and the nation as a whole. Those who pilgrimage to the pagoda do so with reverence and devotion, and they should not unwittingly compromise their image or that of the nation.

The precincts of these religious and cultural sites should not serve as stages for noisy outbursts, impromptu dances for TikTok clips, panhandling, solicitation of donations, or boisterous singing that disrupts the tranquillity of others. These properties are not the domain of international tourists; they belong to the people of Myanmar. As Myanmar citizens, we to ensure our conduct does not disturb others and that we uphold the dignity of national heritage.

All citizens must be mindful of their actions to avoid encroaching upon the rights of others. In doing so, everybody can create a harmonious society that cherishes cultural legacy and bolsters national pride. It is only through such concerted efforts that they can be recognized as exemplary citizens who possess the capacity to safeguard our nation and its people from the encroachment of foreign influences and attitudes.

The duty to protect our religious edifices and cultural treasures lies within the hearts and actions of every Myanmar citizen. All citizens can collectively uphold our national heritage and present a positive image to the world. It is in this commitment to the well-being of cultural legacy that everybody finds the true essence of being a responsible and proud citizen of Myanmar.