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Submitted by moiuser on 27 July 2023

MYANMAR’S Union Minister for Immigration and Popula­tion U Myint Kyaing, along with a delegation, travelled to New Delhi, India, to ex­plore the possibility of coop­eration in implementing an e-ID system between the two countries on 24 July. The visit came in response to an invi­tation from the Indian Gov­ernment.

Myanmar’s delegation visited the Unique Identifica­tion Authority of India (UID­AI) headquarters on 25 July. During the meeting, UIDAI CEO Mr Amit Agrawal and officials presented informa­tion on the organization’s efforts and success in imple­menting the Aadhaar system. They discussed the effective services the system provides to various government organ­izations and citizens.

Union Minister U Myint Kyaing extended greetings and raised questions regard­ing further actions required for the successful implemen­tation of the e-ID system. The managing director and officials addressed the que­ries, fostering a productive exchange of information and experiences between relevant sectors. The meeting conclud­ed with the exchange of sou­venirs.

The visit aimed to explore the potential for collaboration in adopting an e-ID system, reflecting Myanmar’s inter­est in strengthening ties with India in this technological do­main.