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Develop an environment to save lives of biodiversity

WORLD Environment Day 2024 focuses on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. In accord with the 2024 theme “Our Land. Our Future. We are Generation Restoration,” the goal is to rehabilitate the world’s ecosystems, making them free from environmental degradation and desertification, ensuring the preservation of lands and lives for future generations.

Globally, ecosystems are under threat from various human activities. Extreme timber extraction, urban and industrial expansion, loss of cattle pasturelands, illegal wildlife poaching, unregulated mining, outbreak of natural disasters such as forest fires and excessive water resource exploitation contribute to widespread environmental degradation. From forests and dry lands to farmlands and lakes, the natural spaces vital for human survival are nearing a critical tipping point.

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification reports that up to 40 per cent of the world’s land is degraded, directly affecting half of the global population. Since 2000, the frequency and duration of droughts have increased by 29 per cent. Without urgent intervention, droughts could impact over three-quarters of the world’s population by 2050. Addressing these issues requires collective global action to prevent droughts and desertification, ensuring future generations are spared from their devastating effects.

The emphasis on land restoration for World Environment Day 2024 highlights the importance of reversing environmental damage. While individuals cannot reverse time, they can contribute to ecological recovery by planting forests, improving water sources, and enriching soil fertility. These restoration efforts can significantly improve environmental health and sustainability. Although the initial stages of these efforts may be challenging, the long-term benefits will transform current hardships into future gains.

The year 2024 also marks the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. The sixteenth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the UNCCD will be held in the city of Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 2 to 13 December 2024. This significant event will bring together global leaders to discuss and address the pressing issues of land degradation and desertification.

People worldwide, including those from Myanmar, must take responsibility for the environment to avoid future regret. The present is the ideal time to plant trees and work towards ecosystem recovery. Raising public awareness about environmental improvement is crucial for safeguarding lives. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to educate others on how to enhance the environment, ultimately leading to a healthier planet for all.