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Attract Indian and Chinese tourists with exceptional services in Myanmar

THE weather forecast predicts the imminent withdrawal of the southwest monsoon from Myanmar, heralding the arrival of October in the Gregorian calendar. This marks the beginning of a new season, characterized by numerous sunny days, making it an ideal time to explore the enchanting landscapes of Myanmar.

In a concerted effort to bolster international tourism, the Myanmar government has taken significant strides in relaxing various restrictions for tourists, opening the doors to a plethora of captivating destinations across the nation. In this context, the government has announced its decision to issue tourist arrival visas to Indian and Chinese travellers.

Myanmar is bestowed with an abundance of awe-inspiring tourist attractions, ranging from the northernmost reaches to the southern shores and from the eastern frontier to the western expanses. Unique snow-capped mountain ranges, a rare gift of nature, beckon travellers, setting Myanmar apart as the sole Southeast Asian country boasting this natural wonder, bound to captivate both local and foreign explorers.

Furthermore, travellers will have the opportunity to explore numerous enthralling sites throughout the country, except for a few restricted areas due to security concerns. Many hidden gems, largely uncharted even by the local populace, await discovery by international travellers. This inclusive approach grants tourists, whether local or international, the chance to traverse every corner of the nation while immersing themselves in the warm hospitality of the local people, experiencing their customs, and lifestyles, and savouring traditional ethnic cuisines.

Indian and Chinese tourists can readily access border regions in Myanmar, but they also have the option of embarking on extended journeys to the scenic countryside by utilizing international airports and enhanced aviation services. Myanmar’s ongoing efforts to upgrade multiple airports, ensuring suitable runways for international flights, are poised to facilitate the seamless influx of tourists heading to Myanmar’s iconic destinations.

With the advent of the open season in Myanmar, international and domestic travellers will find an opportune moment to explore the nation’s ancient religious edifices, landmarks, and the rich cultural tapestry of its diverse ethnic groups. The government’s initiative to introduce tourist on-arrival visas for Indian and Chinese nationals is expected to invigorate Myanmar’s tourism industry.

Stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism sector prepare diligently to provide exceptional services to the impending influx of guests in Myanmar’s forthcoming open season. Their commitment to upholding the image of the state and their own establishments will be instrumental in ensuring the success of this new tourism initiative, ultimately driving the growth of Myanmar’s tourism industry.