Newsletter: Early prevention of African Swine Fever

1. African Swine Fever used to be restricted to the African continent, but has spread to nations in Asia and Southeast Asia since August 2018. The virus manifested in a few border townships of East and North-east Shan State in August 2019. The Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department has been working round the clock to prevent the virus from spreading to other uncontaminated areas. You are advised to increase the biosecurity of your farms to prevent your livestock from contracting the virus. We advise everyone concerned to follow the guidelines below to safeguard their livestock from the African Swine Fever virus:

a. Be extra vigilant in the biosecurity of pig farms.

b. Regularly spray pesticide and disinfect pig farms and meat markets.

c. Do not feed domestic pigs leftovers from restaurants that are undercooked.

d. Do not use equipment from other farms and restrict entry of personnel.

e. Rear pigs only of the same age group together.

f. Ensure quality temperature, humidity and breeze in pig farms.

g. Purchase pigs from safe, reliable farms.

h. Separate the pigs with those of your own farm until you are sure they are free of the virus.

i. Do not purchase, sell or consume live pigs and pork-related products (e.g. pork jerky, bacon, sausages) from affected countries that have been illegally imported into Myanmar.
j. Prevent wild pigs and domesticated ones from coming into contact.

k. Do not dispose the carcass of pigs which have died from infection into rivers or lakes.

l. If wild and domesticated pigs in your area suddenly die of unexplained causes, immediately contact your local administrator, Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department or the Myanmar Livestock Federation.
m. Cooperate with relevant departments and organizations in implementing preventive measures and medical examinations.

Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation

(Unofficial Translation)

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar