Printing and Publishing Department

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Printing and Publishing Department
The Brief History and Its Set - Up

The Printing and Publishing Department stemmed from the Central Press Which carried out the printing jobs for Secretariat of the Government of Myanmar in 1880 and its was  administered by the Superintendent of Printing.

In the time of the Burma Socialist Programme Party, the Central Press, Sarpay Beikman (formerly known as Burma Translation Society ) and the nationalized private printing presses were reorganized as “ Printing and Publishing Corporation ” which was placed under the control of the Ministry of Information .

In 1989, the “Printing and Publishing Corporation” was renamed as “Printing and Publishing Enterprise ” and the Managing Director took the charge as departmental head .

From 1 April , 2016 onwards , the “ Printing and Publishing Enterprise ” was reorganized  as the “ Printing and Publishing Department ” and the Director - General  took the charge of the department . The department was made as of 5 divisions (Administration, Sarpay Beikman, Printing, Production, Accounts ) and 7 printing plants .

The main visions  are -
* To inform,
* To educate, and,
* To entertain.

The task of the PPD is as follow;
Printing jobs
* Printing and distribution of the Gazettes of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
* Printing of school texts for basic education schools ordered by the Mininstry of Education.
* Carrying out the printing jobs ordered by the government department.
* Printing of ballots ordered by the Union Election Commission.

Tasks of Literary Development
* Selecting and presenting of the “National Literary Awards” for 16 genres of the books published in a calendar year.
* Selecting and presenting the “Sarpay Beikman Manuscript Awards” for 13 genres, inviting the manuscripts once a year.
* Annual publication of Myanmar Encyclopedia (Year Book )
* Printing and Publishing manuscripts that win the “Sarpay Beikman Manuscript Awards”.
* Monthly publication of “Thuta Padetha” Magazine of General Knowledge.
* Weekly publication of “Shwe Thway” (Children Journal).
* Opening of Sarpay Beikman Public Libraries in Yangon and Mandalay to impart knowledge to people.
* Opening book - shops (book centres) in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay to sell all kinds of books published by private sectors besides the books published by the PPD,
* Holding occasional paper reading sessions and books fairs.
* To republish and distribute the valuable and rare books that give knowledge to the people.

The policy of the PPD is as follow;
* To develop the tasks of Printing and Publishing Department.
* To develop Myanmar literature and the Translation literature.
* To print Government’s printing industries by meeting quality in a timely manner.