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Submitted by moiuser5 on 24 June 2024

IN compliance with the law and under the guidance of the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee, customs officials are actively engaged in preventing illegal trade activities.

On 22 June, customs officers at Yangon International Airport intercepted a shipment containing 6 undisclosed items, valued at approximately K24 million, during a routine inspection.

The shipment included 30 bullet proof vests (without iron plates). Authorities are proceeding with further action in accordance with customs regulations.

Continuing their efforts, authorities seized another shipment on 22 and 23 June near the intersection of Kaunghmutaw Road in Sagaing.

This shipment lacked official documentation and contained a total of 41 items valued at over K425 million.

The items seized included 33 bags of black sesame seeds, 266 pieces of thin iron plates, 92 thick iron plates, 9,743 iron pipes, 10 copper pipes, and one excavator. Legal action is being pursued under export and import laws.

Furthermore, separate operations conducted on 22 and 23 June resulted in the seizure of illegal timber in the districts of Bago, Toungoo, and Thayawaday.

The confiscated wood comprised 0.741 tonne of illegal timber and 0.553 tonne of hardwood, with a combined estimated value exceeding K1.4 million. Action is being taken in accordance with the forest law.

In total, 15 cases were recorded on 22 and 23 June, involving illegal trade activities valued at over K450 million, as reported by the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee.