Propaganda used to mislead people by setting fire to houses in some villages of Maungdaw


November 4

Recent violent attacks in Maungdaw District of Rakhine State claimed the lives of border guard police force members as well as injuring some. Weapons, ammunition and related materials were lost in that incident. Five Tatmadawmen died during security cooperation with Tatmadaw columns and the Border Guard Police Force. The suspects involved in the terrorist attacks were arrested and interrogated in line with rules and regulations. Those concerned with the terrorist attacks and who do not want regional security set fire to houses in some villages to confuse the situation and to destabilise it.

Some houses were burnt in a fire on the boundaries of villages and near roads in Kyi GanPyin, War Pate, Sabe Gone, Pyaung Pike, NgarSarKyuu and Nga KhuYa, and those houses are just small huts. Household materials were moved in advance. Big houses and splendid buildings were not burnt near those huts. Although Tatmadaw men helped to extinguish those fires, local villagers did not participate in the fire extinguishing process. They were watching from a distance.

Displaced people arrived back together while officials and representatives from the UN and diplomats toured on November 2nd. Rescue measures are still needed in the region and the fabricated news and pamphlets that were written in advance were distributed. Moreover, activities before, during and after the incident were planned systematically from all sides. Officials are ensuring regional security and Rule of Law in the region in cooperation with dutiful people with added momentum.