Performances in One- Year Period

“Out of the scrutinized and suggested laws, for example investment, Myanmar Investment Law was promulgated. According to the law, all Myanmar citizens and foreigners have the equal rights of exemption and easing.” Attorney General U Tun Tun Oo said.

Rule of law is crucial for the firm strengthening of democracy and also sine qua non for the livelihood of the people in peace and stability.

The successive governments had made relentless efforts for industrial development and so did the new government.

Dr Win Thein, chairman of Union Civil Service Board (UCSB), believe that public servicemen must serve people and fulfill public’s needs.

If someone wants to see the most extended Region embellished with gloomy and overcastted Naga Ranges, lush green meadow and tropical plain, Sagaing Region is the perfect example of the sort.

Financial records and accounts are born out of the establishment of a business, so the origin of accounts can be said to be a business. Provided that accounts or financial records are emphatically examined, the result is less effective.

Dotted with natural wonders such as Inle Lake, Goteik viaduct, Pintaya cave, Mwetawkakku pagoda, Htantsan cave, Phaungdaw-U pagoda and Mongshu, a source of Myanmar ruby, sapphire and gems, Shan State is one of local and international tourist destinations.

Of the three branches or the three pillars of sovereign power of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar — the legislative power, the administrative power and the judicial power— the judicial power is entrusted to the Supreme Court of the Union, Region High Courts and State High Courts, district courts, township courts, special courts in accord with the 2008 Constitution and the relevant laws. Judicial affairs are being conducted by the Union Supreme Court, 14 region/state high courts, 72 district courts, 330 township courts, 22 special courts.

The land of Myanmar, metaphorically known as “Golden Land”has possessed the scenic beauty of nature , pagodas of different ages and styles, interesting fine arts and cultural heritage attracting and enthralling all the visitors and tourists. Shwedagon of Yangon is also one of the most important attractions that all the tourists and visitors never miss to visit.

Hluttaw sessions commenced with greetings extended by Speaker of Amyotha Hluttaw Manh Win Khaing Than wishing all the representatives health and happiness and all their dreams and wishes come true.