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Submitted by moiuser on 1 July 2022

A Myanmar delegation led by Union Minister for Legal Affairs and Union Attorney-General Dr Thida Oo attended the 10th St Petersburg International Legal Forum which was being held from 28 June to 1 July in the Russian Federation.

The representatives of 95 countries joined the event that is held under the theme of the Law in a Multipolar World.

At the forum, the officials held a discussion on the topic of State Justice in the Service of a Human, and Union Minister and Union Attorney-General Dr Thida Oo served as the Panelist Speaker together with other legal officials.

She presented her views on the vital role of justice in the service, the same principles and objectives of all countries for rights and legal protections despite the differences in the law system, constitution and existing laws, rights of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services to hold in legislative, executive and judicial powers by himself or by an organization that he participates in under the country’s Constitution, formation of the State Administration Council under the Constitution and conducting of legal advocacy by the ministry.

She continued that the legal awareness training courses are provided for departmental officials including the legal officers and stakeholders. The ministry also launches legal advocacy training courses at the region/ state advocate-general offices. It has already organized the Rule of Law and Justice Coordinating Body and established the Myanmar Law Information System (MLIS) to provide information, laws and judgements for the people.

Union Minister and Union Attorney-General Dr Thida Oo also joined the Bilateral Meeting with Mr Konstantin Chuy Chenko, Minister of Justice of the Russia Federation.

At the meeting, the Russian Justice Minister made an offer to sign an MoU in order to launch legal research and legal knowledge and view exchanges between the two countries. Then, the Union minister and Union attorney-general welcomed that offer from the two countries and openly discussed the cooperation in law-related matters.

The Myanmar delegation also participated in the Plenary Session and discussed the economic law and sanctions, people and law, international law, digital technology and law reforms and other legal matters.