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Submitted by moiuser on 18 September 2021

MYANMAR nationals from abroad are being welcomed back through various land borders, officials said.

On 16 September, a total of 21 returnees: eight males and 13 females came back home from Muse, northern Shan State.

Similarly, 18 returnees: eight males and two females also returned to Myanmar via Chinshwehaw and 12 male and six female returnees came back home from Laukkai, respectively.

Healthcare officials from relevant public hospitals and members of the Tatmadaw Medical Corps conducted COVID-19 tests and provided quarantine entry documents for the returnees.

Then, the returnees were transported to their respective places by passenger vehicle provided by the township administration bodies.

The COVID-19 positive patients are being kept in separate areas and the necessary medical and administrative matters are being coordinated, officials said.