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Submitted by moiuser2 on 14 June 2024

FOR the first time in Myanmar, a ceremony to pay respect to elderly Deva experts was held in Yangon, according to the organizers.

It was held with many participants at the Sein Yaung Gyi monastery between Thamaing Myothit station and Gyogone station in Insein Township, Yangon, at 9 am on 12 June, with large participants, and similar events will be held in the future.

“As most of the elderly Deva experts are not in good health, we thought only 50 to 60 out of 80 would attend the ceremony. In fact, more than 70 experts were able to attend it. Only about 10 of them could not join due to health problems. There were about 180 people in the audience. Our objective is that as these experts get older, they cannot work as usual, and the support they receive will also be reduced. Some young experts are willing to support their teachers, but some aren’t. So, this event will lend a hand where needed,” said a Deva expert among the organizers.

The ceremony offered K150,000 to each of the elderly experts, and the organizers will deposit a surplus donation of K6 million in a bank for such events in the coming years.

“We have a surplus donation of over K6 million. We have formed a committee today. It cost a total of over K13 million. The surplus will be deposited in the bank. And the committee will hold this puja every year after hiring a hall,” he said.

Deva experts are spirit mediums who communicate with spirits (Nat). Since they used to work with a Myanmar traditional orchestra, they were classified under the dramatic arts and elderly spirit experts received obeisance along with other people from various dramatic arts.

Thit Taw/ZN