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Submitted by moiuser on 13 June 2024

THE inspection team led by Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) Members U Kyaw Soe and U Tin Aung inspected the DaikU Police Lock-up and Kyaiksakaw Labour Camp in DaikU Township, Bago Region, in accordance with Sections 43 and 44 of the Commission Law yesterday.

While inspecting the DaikU Police Lock-up under the Commission Law and established procedures, the MNHRC team inspected the conditions of detainees during the remand period, including whether any torture occurred during the investigation; there were opportunities to meet family members as well as provision of food and drinking water, the handling of sewage, and the overall cleanliness of the facilities.

They also inspected the Kyaiksakaw Labour Camp under the Commission Law and established procedures to find out whether the prisoners and detainees enjoy fundamental rights, including appropriate food supply, access to healthcare and provision of adequate purified water. The inspection team enquired about prisoners, whether they received their items and items sent by their families, whether they obtained family visits, conditions of workplace safety, whether there was discrimination in the workplace and whether there were human rights violations and torture cases. They privately interviewed the prisoners who wanted to meet the team freely and privately.

The inspection team also inspected the dormitories, clinic, library, kitchen, food storage, water purifier and water sanitation system of the Labour Camp. The MNHRC inspection team will inform the relevant departments under the MNHRC Law of its findings and recommendations for necessary actions.