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Submitted by moiuser on 13 June 2024

MoC announces 1,100 HS codes for Customs warehousing

THE Ministry of Commerce nodded four import categories in customs warehousing with 1,100 HS codes, including pharmaceuticals (117 HS codes), electric vehicles and related parts (56 codes), industrial raw materials and chemicals (866 codes) and food raw materials (61 codes).

Apart from those goods authorized in customs warehousing, seeking an import licence for the goods before arrival at the port is obligatory, and failure to do so is subject to a fine and sentence under the existing laws, as per Notification 50/2020 of the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce dated 8 July 2020.

Without obtaining a permit, no one shall be allowed to export and import the specified goods that need to seek a licence. The Trade Department warned the exporters and importers of penalties for non-compliance with the Export and Import Law, directives and guidelines starting from 1 July 2024. It informed them to seek licences first as pre-arrival documentation for all types of shipment by air, sea and road, according to the export and import news bulletin 3/2024 of the Trade Department.